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Welcome to, where you can learn more about Hank Meyer’s web projects.

Managing 3 live websites of various interests.

As an avid canoeist and outdoor enthusiast, the Canoe Canuck, is a canoe tripping resource where readers can learn more about canoe tripping and see past canoe treks.

A project for the local hamlet of Carley establishes an online presence for the Carley Community Hall which did not exist before.

The Movie Database can be located on, a site used as a sandbox for building PHP websites.

Hank Meyer


  • Exploring interests.
  • Contributing to the Community.
  • Website Management Best Practices.
  • Development of PHP/MySQL databases.

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Hank’s Web Projects

Thanks for checking out the landing page. Take a step further and check out the below projects to see some of Hank’s work. Each live website is publicly accessible on the net.

Canoe Canuck
Trip Guides, Maps, Canoe Tips and Treks.
Carley Community Hall
Community Website built for local events.
A Sandbox for building PHP Websites.

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